Transylvania is home to Chessington’s most famous ride, the Vampire, the  swinging roller coaster which takes you above tree height and then down under ground! It is also home to the soap factory, the Bubble Works, a magical tour through the wacky soap factory.

The area came to life in 1990, in one of the biggest investments in the UK at that time with the Vampire, it was then also home Professor Burps Bubble Works at home, with an unrivaled theme and great ride thrills it put Chessington on the map.

With the Vampire closed in 2001 and the change to floor-less trains, the ride was re-generated once again however has lost some of the magical theme which once made it stand out.

Many say the same about the Bubble Works, with Professor Burp gone the ride just isn’t as fun as it used to be, but does still pull the crowds.

Rides and Attractions

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  • Shops and Snacks
  • Facilities
  • Games and Stalls

Vampire Bites,
Vampire’s Burger Kitchen
Fantasia Gift Shop

Baby Changing
Cash Machine
Toilets, including disabled, are located next to the Burger Kitchen